I've writen two books about Greece and Rome, introducing each civilization with their most famous authors woven into the narrative. Check them out on their own website!


Parallel – Theseus

Origin Stories 

  • Rome: What's in a name?
  • From Aeneas to Alba Longa
  • Romulus and Remus: Childhood
    • Left to die by a river
    • Wolf and woodpecker
  • Romulus and Remus: Off to Found a City
    • Rome is for runaways! Open the gates and seize the…day?
    • Location, location, location!
    • Vultures? 6/12? First/Second?
    • Walls and Ditches – death of Remus
    • Plows the circumference: pomerium etym.

Rome's Birthday – April 21, 753 BC

Roman Customs: More Etymologies and etiologies

Sabine Women

  • Not the Sobbin' Women…
  • Did Romulus need women or want war?
  • R. sets up a feast (finds an altar?)
  • Conses < consilium
    • On my signal…
    • How many taken?
      • 30, 527, or 683?

Origin of the Roman Triumph

  • Acron v. Romulus: 1 v. 1
  • R. wins and dedicates his armor to Jupiter

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780–1867), Romulus’ Victory over Acron (i.e. the first Roman Triumph), (1812), tempera on canvas, 276 x 530 cm, École des Beaux Arts, Paris. Wikimedia Commons.

Plutarch's Walking Tour of Rome

  • Tarpeian Rock
  • Lacus Curtius
  • Jupiter Stator
  • Etym. Quirites?

Civic Duties

  • Three Tribes
  • 100 more Senators
  • Privileges for Women
  • Feasts, old and new
  • Vestals, sacred fire (more on this in the Life of Numa)
  • Lituus  and Augurs
  • Laws
  • Divorce
  • Murder / Parricide

Romulus' End and Rome's Beginning

  • Tatius, co-king, killed
  • Haughty King
  • Numitor dies; Romulus inherits Alba
  • Romulus disappears
    • Murdered?
    • Taken up into heaven?
  • Romulus' advice to the Romans:
    • "Tell the Romans that if they practice self-restraint, and add to it valor, they will reach the utmost heights of human power."

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