I've writen two books about Greece and Rome, introducing each civilization with their most famous authors woven into the narrative. Check them out on their own website!

Agoge – Lycurgus Part 2

  • The Agōgē (ἀγωγή) [16-19]
  • Those Laconic Spartans [19-21]
  • Military  Maneuvers [22-24]
  • Education never stops [24-25
    • Blessing of scholē
    • Freedom and restraint

Political Setup

  • How someone elected to Gerousia [26]
    • Over 60
    • Group of candidates selected
    • Assembly called, and votes decided by length of shout and volume of shout
  • Burying the dead [27]
  • NO injustice or inequality in these laws [28]
    • Those who criticize (cough cough: ARISTOTLE + PLATO) for lack of Justice
    • Krypteia! And treatment of Helots
  • Lycurgus leaves: Spartans are living the laws, established in their hearts and minds [29]
    • Makes Spartans promise never to deviate
    • Goes to Delphi, sacrifices to Apollo, starves himself to death
    • Leaves the Spartans to 500 years of supremacy and prosperity

The End of Perfection: Why Did Sparta fail?

  • Until LYSANDER [30]
    • Money flowed in and corrupted the morals
    • Before then, Sparta relied on for generals
      • By other Greeks
      • By Sicilians
      • By Egyptians
      • By satraps and kings in Asia
  • Lycurgus created a state not suited to rule others [31]
    • A state “in love with wisdom”
    • “free, self-reliant, self-regulated” citizens
    • Many philosophers agreed with him, but he was the only one who executed on his great ideas, leaving behind a polis rather than just writings.

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