I've writen two books about Greece and Rome, introducing each civilization with their most famous authors woven into the narrative. Check them out on their own website!
The Theater above the Temple at Delphi

Let’s Explore the Ancient World…

Welcome to grammaticus.co! Here you can join me on my journey deeper into the worlds of Ancient Greece and Rome. You can study with me the people and places of the world of Antiquity, and even learn their stories and ideas in their own languages. Come share in the cultural inheritance that Greece and Rome still offer us today.

Whether you’re here because you love Latin, Greek, Plutarch, or all of the above, I’m here to share my own learning on these topics that I love.

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What’s a Grammaticus?

Greek gave Latin one word that encapsulates everything I do professionally: grammaticus, or γραμματικός in the Greek. The most authoritative Greek-English dictionary defines a γραμματικός as “a teacher of the rudiments; one who occupies himself with literary texts, grammarian, critic.” The foremost Latin lexicon, Lewis & Short, adds only “philologist.”  Grammaticus captures exactly what I do every day: I teach English, History, Latin, and Greek in middle and high school. I love the literature of all three languages and I can always improve as a teacher and student on the great works written in these three tongues. If you’re still curious, check out the About page.

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